Research Interests

Much of my efforts are focused on conducting research on global earthquake seismology and seismic monitoring that improve operations at the NEIC. This has principally involved developing procedures and methodologies for improving the ways in which we characterize the earthquake source, including: Centroid Moment Tensor Inversion using the W-phase; finite fault modeling using teleseismic data; characterizing the geometry of global subduction zones in three-dimensions (leading to Slab1.0); multiple event relocation procedures to improve earthquake location accuracy; and using all of these model/data types to further improve our understanding of earthquakes and seismotectonics. This often includes the opportunistic investigations of recent large and/or significant earthquakes, such as the 2010 Haiti, 2010 Chile, 2011 Tohoku, and 2013 Santa Cruz Islands events. In support of NEIC eartquake response efforts, I am also one of several event coordinators in charge of leading earthquake response to any given recent event. My specific response activities align with my research efforts, and involve the implementation of techniques used to characterize an earthquakes’ size and source properties (W-phase CMT inversions, finite fault analyses, etc.) in real-time event response. I also lead efforts to describe the tectonic setting of such earthquakes (via the production and publication of tectonic summaries and other such material), and help respond to media inquiries regarding recent earthquakes.


Recent Achievements

2012 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE); highest honor bestowed by the United States government on outstanding scientists and professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers; awarded December 2013.

2013 Penn State University Alumni Achievement Award; recognizes PSU alumni 35 years of age and younger for their extraordinary professional accomplishments; awarded April 2013.

2013 IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lectureship Award; awarded December 2012.

Gavin P Hayes

Name: Gavin P Hayes

Occupation: Research Geophysicist @  U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center.

Adjunct Faculty Member, Colorado School of Mines Department of Geophysics.

Colleges: Penn State (PhD); Leeds Univ., UK (BSc, MGeophys)

Major: Geophysics

Contact Information

Ad: P.O. Box 25046, MS 966

Denver, CO 80225

Ph: 303-273-8421


My Research

NEIC Tohoku Response & Timeline

Fast Finite Fault Project

S.Z. Geometry Constraint (Slab1.0)

W-Phase Inversion

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