[Realtime-feeds] Feed JSON field question

Matt Keller mattrk at mattrk.com
Sat Apr 12 02:07:33 UTC 2014

Does the time field under features > properties correspond to the time at
which the earthquake occurred or the time at which the earthquake was
posted to the feed? From what I've read, earthquakes that happen in other
parts of the country (Not California) can be posted as much as 30 minutes
after the fact. I'm wondering what the time stamp actually means.

Additionally, are "updated" quakes re-added to the past hour or past day
feeds if they are updated significantly later? E.g. When a quake that
happened 26 hours ago is updated, Is that quake re-added to the past
hour/past day feed? I would assume not, but i wanted to verify. I'm
assuming that the data for that particular quake is simply updated and the
"updated" field is just incremented.

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