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1711 Illinois St.
Golden, CO

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Parking Map

Our office is on the School of Mines campus in Golden at 1711 Illinois Street. You need a permit to park in the Visitor spaces in our lot, so ask your host to supply a temporary permit, add your license #, and put it in your front window when you park. This is for the USGS parking lot only. There are only three visitor spots (on the right when you enter the parking lot), so if they're full you'll have to park in a Mines Visitor lot and purchase a parking permit at the lot kiosk.

Our building is locked, so at both the front and back doors, there is a phone in a metal box on the wall to call my extension so I can let you in. You will just dial 8543 and I'll answer. There's a directory inside the door of the phone also with all the extensions.

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