2008 Interactive Deaggregations

Notice: This web-application will no longer be available after March 1, 2017, by which point alternative means of conducting interactive deaggregation will be provided. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

This is a preliminary version of the 2008 NSHMP PSHA Interactive Deaggregation web site. In this initial release, the 2008–update source and attenuation models of the NSHMP (Petersen and others, 2008) are used with just one exception. For the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ), the deaggregation source model is set up for the “unclustered” event branches only. These unclustered New Madrid sources are given full weight (90% weight to the 500 year mean recurrence models; 10% weight to the 1000–year mean recurrence models) whereas in the 2008 NSHMP PSHA they are only given 50% weight. Clustered–source models receive the other 50% weight in 2008 NSHMP PSHA. This is a temporary difference. The interactive deaggregation will include the NMSZ clustered–source models when a few software checkups are completed.

Seismic–hazard deaggregations are available for the following spectral periods anywhere in the conterminous U.S: 0.0 s (PGA), 0.1 s, 0.2 s, 0.3 s, 0.5 s, 1.0 s, and 2.0 s. This is the same set of periods that has been available at the USGS interactive deaggregation web sites since 1996 (for sites in the conterminous United States).

In the western US, long–period seismic–hazard deaggregations at 3.0 s, 4.0 s, and 5.0 s are also available at this web site. More…

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