2002 Interactive Deaggregations

Notice: This web-application will no longer be available after March 1, 2017. We encourage users to adopt the 2008 hazard model for the Conterminous US (https://geohazards.usgs.gov/deaggint/2008/). After March, the 2003 Puerto Rico model will not be available until we update it to work with our new software platform. This work is slated for summer 2017. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

This application computes the deaggregation of the values displayed on the 2002 USGS National Seismic Hazard Mapping Program (NSHMP) Hazard Maps for the conterminous United States and Puerto Rico.

Provide a Site Name and specify its location (in terms of latitude and longitude or by address if your browser supports Google Maps) to begin the process. Specify the time period over which to consider the hazard for deaggregation (Return Period), the Spectral Acceleration (SA) frequency of interest, and indicate the type of Geographic Deaggregations and Stochastic Seismograms that are desired. Links to the following information will be returned:

  • A plot of deaggregated distance, magnitude and ground-motion uncertainty for the specified parameters.
  • An ascii text file of the hazard matrices, containing, but not limited to, the frequency selected.
  • A geographic deaggregation plot may also be specified (for designated frequencies only - see below; if requested by selection of a Geographic Deaggregation option). This is in addition to the plot mentioned above.
  • An ascii text file and graph of the seismograms for the modal or mean event (if requested by selection of a Stochastic Seismogram option).
  • Seven Input Fields Provided Below for Deaggregation Calculations
    (Click the input box labels for more information. Click the Generate Output button at the bottom of the form to perform calculations.)

  • REQUIRED: Alphanumeric characters, commas, underscores, or blank spaces only.
      • REQUIRED: Specify in decimal degrees (e.g., 35.2).
      • REQUIRED: Specify as negative decimal degrees (e.g., -100.2) indicating the Western Hemisphere.
  • REQUIRED: General design maps consider the 2% in 50 years option which is the default selection.
  • REQUIRED: Frequency calculations done in groups
    (group 1 - PGA, 1, & 5 Hz / group 2 - 0.5, 2, 3.33, & 10 Hz).
  • OPTIONAL: Included to aid in visualizing relative hazards from various sources.
  • OPTIONAL: Additional output resource.

Please read the README file to understand limitations of this application and to ensure valid application results. The README file explains about the input parameters and also describes how the deaggregation is done. Stochastic Seismograms and What is Epsilon? are articles which discuss the theory behind the seismograms.

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