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Brief Report for Imperial fault (Class A) No. 132

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citation for this record: Treiman, J.Jerome, compiler, 1999, Fault number 132, Imperial fault, in Quaternary fault and fold database of the United States: U.S. Geological Survey website,, accessed 09/23/2014 08:24 PM.

Synopsis The Imperial fault is probably the main element of the San Andreas fault system in the southern Salton Trough, accommodating slip from both the San Andreas [1] and San Jacinto [125] fault zones. However slip-rate studies based on historic earthquakes show that the recent slip-rate (last 300-550 yr, Thomas and Rockwell, 1996 #6506) is not sufficient to account for the total slip within the San Andreas system. Studies, thus far, reveal only the past 500 yr of surface rupture history in the vicinity of the international border. The surface trace is well-located based on historic surface rupture.

Physiographic province(s) BASIN AND RANGE
Length (km) 46 km.
Average strike N29°W
Sense of movement Dextral
Dip Direction V
Historic earthquake
Most recent prehistoric deformation Latest Quaternary (<15 ka)
Slip-rate category Greater than 5.0 mm/yr
Date and Compiler(s) 1999
Jerome Treiman, California Geological Survey