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Brief Report for Palos Verdes fault zone, Palos Verdes Hills section (Class A) No. 128b

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citation for this record: Treiman, J.Jerome, and Lundberg, M.Matthew, compilers, 1998, Fault number 128b, Palos Verdes fault zone, Palos Verdes Hills section, in Quaternary fault and fold database of the United States: U.S. Geological Survey website,, accessed 09/30/2014 05:55 PM.

Synopsis General: Holocene activity along the southern offshore section of the fault zone (128c - San Pedro Shelf section) is recognized, but Holocene activity has not been demonstrated for the northern sections. General style of faulting is fairly well understood and recency and slip-rate (1-5 mm/yr) are fairly well established for boundary area between southern and middle sections, but timing, magnitude and distribution of most recent displacement is still not well characterized for remainder of fault zone.

Sections: This fault has 3 sections. The three sections shown here were designated by Hecker and others (1998 #6118). Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities (1995 #6123) define two segments; one north and one south of the Redondo Canyon fault. McNeilan and others (1996 #6121) argue for three segments based on change in trend and differences in nature of the three sections. Fischer and others (1987 #6117) define three segments based on degree of activity and recency, but data to support segmentation is not sufficient. Three "segments" used loosely by Los Angeles County (Leighton and Associates, 1990 #6120). Section designation is preferred due to lack of detailed studies on all sections. More sections could be counted if fault is continuous with Coronado Bank fault zone [131].
Physiographic province(s) PACIFIC BORDER
Length (km) This section is 12 km of a total fault length of 73 km.
Average strike N57°W (for section) versus N48°W (for whole fault)
Sense of movement Dextral
Dip Direction SW
Historic earthquake
Most recent prehistoric deformation Latest Quaternary (<15 ka)
Slip-rate category Between 1.0 and 5.0 mm/yr
Date and Compiler(s) 1998
Jerome Treiman, California Geological Survey
Matthew Lundberg, California Geological Survey