2008 National Seismic Hazard Maps - Fault Parameters

2007 National Seismic Hazard Maps-Fault parameters
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Fault Name State
Puente Hills (Coyote Hills) California
Fault parallel slip rate 0.70
Probability of activity 1
Minimum magnitude 6.5 6.5
Maximum magnitude 6.9 6.6
Dip (degrees) 26
Dip direction N
Sense of slip thrust
Rupture top (km) 2.8
Rupture bottom (km) 14.6
Rake (degrees) 90
Length (km) 17
Fault Model Deformation Model Char Mag1 Char Rate1 GR-a-value1 GR-b-value1 Weight
Stitched 2.4 6.9/6.6 3.52e-04/ 9.91e-04 1.597/2.311 0.8/0.8 0.25
1 1st Value is based on Ellsworth relation and 2nd value is based on Hanks and Bakun relation